Final Summary

Cannot believe it is the end of the semester! I really had a great time in this class and branching out to discover and learn new things! I for sure have a new way of looking and creating media.

Here are the last few things of my final, where I created a story of finding the real life Spirit.

Below is the full story:

Lastly the items that made the story:

Overall in this class I learned to branch out of the box more when being creative. I additionally learned that there is an “App for that”!!!! Literally there is an app to create about anything everything!!!!! I think what I would do differently if I took this class over is really take the time to look at other examples of projects instead of “winging it” a majority of the time. The most exciting project honestly was creating the GIF and FIG. I have always wanted to but never took the time too, so it was fun and for sure will be creating them all the time now!!!

Spirit Found in Texas!

I began my story with a girl finding an AD hanging in her local tack shop of this “Real Life Spirit” found in Texas. Below is the AD that was shared in the tack shop.

I used Bazart on the iPhone to create this visual design. Check out my tutorial and follow along with my creation:

Scene on the search for Spirit

Follow the girl as she begins her journey to find Spirit in Texas!

To create this movie I used iMovie on the iPhone. Check out my tutorial and follow along on how I created this scene!

The search for Spirit

There was an ad a young girl spotted one day hanging in her local tack shop. It stated that there was a “Real Life Spirit” spotted in Hunt, Texas.

She stopped everything she was doing and booked a plane ticket to Hunt, Texas to go on this hunt for the horse. She loved Spirit as a little girl and dreamed of meeting him one day… and that day was now!

She arrives to the barn in Hunt, Texas that he claims to roam in with his herd. There is no person about so she finds a halter and a treat in hopes and finding the wild horse!

She finds him and is in complete shock with his beauty and how willing he was to let her greet him!

The audio of Finding Spirit

Hear the girl on the search for the wild horse, Spirit. She is walking through the woods, hears the horses running but then she hears this nicker and takes off after him…eventually getting to touch him.

I used Audacity to edit the sound and used free sounds to collect the sounds.

Summary Week 4


It’s film week!!! A week I have been so excited for!!!!!!!

Commenting on fellow classmates blog posts…..

This week was super fun! I have always enjoyed making video content and using the iMovie software. However, I didn’t really have any challenges this week for this week was something I looked forward to and have always enjoyed doing on my free time! I loved doing the video assignments this week giving my viewers an idea of what I do for my job in the summer! Additionally something that was a different experience for me that I enjoyed was the “Look, Listen, Analyze” assignment, I had never thought of paying attention to a movie/movie scene in so much detail like that before. It makes me now have a different perspective and opened up my eyes and ears a little more.

Look, Listen, Analyze

I choose the clip American Psycho for this assignment.

The Camera Work: I turned off the volume on the video and analyzed the camera work. Doing this I was able to really focus and see the visual aspects and detail put into the scene. Watching the scene the camera had many angles and cuts so viewer is able to see both characters perspectives and views. Additionally the camera zooms in closer to minor details we need to know. Lastly the camera does some action with the movement such as when the guy starts chopping the guy down with the axe the camera moves with his movement and shakes to give the intensity of the scene.

The soundtrack: Volume up but no viewing the scene. This allowed me to listen closely to the audio used in the scene to be able to analyze it use in the scene. Additionally we hear here the sound effects to go with the movement and placement of things/items. There is no music in the beginning but as the scene continues from discussion to one of the characters is talking and music begins playing. However, the music is discussed by one of the characters and is played throughout the rest of the scene while there is screaming happening. I think this upbeat song played while there is screaming is suppose to be something comedic because the song and scene do not match at all.

Watched all together: Now watching the scene with the volume I was able to pay attention to the sounds with the items/movement better than I would have if I watched it normal at first. I feel like listening to just the sound made me pay attention to all the those detailed sounds in the background that watching it normal I was looking out for what they were related to.

A day in the life….

…of a Waldemar Wrangler

I take my viewers through my day as a wrangler at Camp Waldemar…from sun up to sun down they get an idea of just a small portion of the things I do here at camp.

I used iMovie once again to create this assignment, “a day in the life” (3 stars), I added a sound provided by iMovie to play in the background of the video to keep the video more interesting.

Just a girl feeding her horses

For this assignment, POV (5 stars), I expose my viewers to one of my daily tasks, feeding the horses, as a wrangler here at the camp I work at. My viewers only get a quick glimpse of my POV of feeding the horses in one barn, but the idea is obvious.

I filmed myself and used iMovie to change the filter on the video. The filter I used from iMovie was “western”. I then added a title slide and that was it!

How to read a movie

Reading through Ebert’s article about how to read a movie, I was very intrigued by how he was able to studied movies scenes from varying countries and understand their techniques for their area. Continuing on and reading about his methods a lot of the methods he mentions I studied in a photography class in high school, such as the “Rule of Thirds”. However, when I originally studied these so call methods like the Rule of Thirds in high school I never truly considered them being applied into films/movies.

The process Ebert uses to describe the importance of the methods I believe work. Though every person’s eye is drawn to different things I think as long as they catch someones eye in some way then the process/method worked effectively.

I first watched “One-Point Perspective” technique and was truly amazed how often this technique is used and didn’t realize the varying uses of it until seeing all the examples.

Next I watched “From Below” technique which I feel like is a technique that allows the audience to feel as if they are in the scene themselves.

Lastly I watched “Match Cut” which seeing an example of this technique helped me to visually understand the technique better.

All techniques that I will use and apply when creating my films.