The audio of Finding Spirit

Hear the girl on the search for the wild horse, Spirit. She is walking through the woods, hears the horses running but then she hears this nicker and takes off after him…eventually getting to touch him.

I used Audacity to edit the sound and used free sounds to collect the sounds.

Can you guess that movie?

Can you guess the movie? Here’s a hint its part of the opening scene of a famous classic horse movie!!!!

If you guessed Spirit….RIGHT ON!!!

Spirit is one of my all time favorite movies and is so inspirational to every horse girl in the world! This assignment, Recreate a movie with only sounds, really made me think in depth about movies and the sounds behind them. I think so much we forget the sounds that are behind the scenes that truly make up the movie as a whole.

Creating this sound scene I used Free sounds again and was able to find sounds of horses running, horses nickering, a wind breeze, a eagle calling, and symphony sounds to have is the intro music. I once again used the Audacity software to create this assignment and I was able to discover new things such as how to raise the volume of each sound piece which will be found the tool bar on the left by each sound.

The phone is ringing

For sure a ringtone I would use as my own! Horses running with a little music…of course!

For my assignment creating my own ringtone I used three sounds from Free Sounds. The sounds I used were…..

Sky Music: which I played as the background music

Horses running: which I used scattered through out to play over the background music

Horse neighing: which I used to play after the horses running to create some more sound and uniqueness.

Putting the sounds together I used audacity to layer the sounds and turn the volume up on the horse sounds to be a bit louder than the music. I really enjoyed making this ringtone and believe it is getting way easier for me to create things on Audacity.

A girl getting her horse

Every horse just needs a little girl in their life.

This story is about a girl walking up in the pasture to grab her horse. She gets him ready and tacks up for a beautiful ride.

Creating my sound effects story (4 stars) I used the editing app software on my computer called Audacity. I followed the user manual that was given to create my story with sounds from Free Sounds.