Spirit Found in Texas!

I began my story with a girl finding an AD hanging in her local tack shop of this “Real Life Spirit” found in Texas. Below is the AD that was shared in the tack shop.

I used Bazart on the iPhone to create this visual design. Check out my tutorial and follow along with my creation:

A covid valentine?

I would take my mask off for you! How romantic…honestly in our covid times now a days I think that is the sweetest thing someone could truly say to you!!!

I really enjoyed creating this Valentine assignment (4 stars), it made me laugh thinking off all the sayings I could use for a valentines day card during covid times. The only image I had to use off the internet was the one of the girl wearing the mask. I found this clip art on google searching for people wearing mask. The rest of the card I created on Bazaart, once again. I set my background as a color, then added some glitter as an overlay, next added some text and finally uploaded the mask girl image removing the background and BAM…final product!

Tattoo for me

Tattoos are such a unique piece of art, with so much meaning that a person carries around engraved in their skin. This is what is a tattoo to me, unique and with meaning. For this assignment of “A tattoo that describes you” (2 1/2 stars) I used the app Bazaart and followed the same steps as I did in my “Are we there yet?” assignment. I decided to create a tattoo that Im actually considering getting in the near future. I first found the images on google and Pinterest to use. I then created the background on Bazaart with the sun then added the horses removing the background to layer on top of the sun. Then added my mantra that I live by, “Where the sun sets it will rise.”, using the font provided by Bazaart.

This is right, right???

Traveling, finding new adventures, and exploring new places is what I am all about! But having the ability to capture myself any where in the world…Oh man am I pumped! Check out my “Are we there yet?” design assignment I created (3 stars) taking a photo of myself from the Grand Canyon and placing myself on an island in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Curious how I created this photo? So easy download the Bazaart app and watch my YouTube video of me creating this image and learn how to!!

Open the app! Select your background and begin erasing!

Defying all odds

To be a kid again, having no fear and the courage to try and do about anything! To have the imagination to make our own wonderland to explore! That’s what I saw when I saw this photo at Boston Globe. I feel like sometimes we just all need to be kids again appreciating whats around us and exploring our wonderlands.

For my big caption assignment (1 star) I once again used the Aviary photo editor app to create the text on to my image. In this image I used two different text boxes to stack the text as seen in the image to give some creativity.

A smile is the best….

Makeup is used to enhance one’s physical appearance, can’t a smile do the same? Sometimes we hide behind a smile portraying through our physical appearance that all is well, good, or fine.

Creating my contradiction creation (2 1/2 stars) I found a photo of me and some of my old friends in high school when we took our beach trip. I think went on Pinterest to find a contradictory quote that I thought would be fitting for my photo.

Once I found my quote I once again used the app on my phone called Aviary Photo editor that I used to create my Spubble. Just like creating my spubble but not adding the speech bubble I just hit the T box icon and added text. Once I added my text I played around with the variety of fonts offered and colors. Finally I had my masterpiece.

Design Blitz

My design blitz that was a photography adventure! I decided to do this assignment at my work, where I also am living for the summer, during my free time and took some pictures of the concepts/elements. Originally before I went out on this adventure to take these pictures I planned out a photo for each concept. However, I realized I was struggling because they were not coming out exactly how I planned. After a day of regrouping and rethinking my thought process, I decided the best thing to do is to just go for it with no plan. I understood the concepts and knew what I needed to strive for but it was better to play, take a variety of pictures, and see what fit with what concept.

After scrolling and scrolling through my many images I came down to these four images that expressed the concepts best.

My first one is Balance, this sign is the entrance to the barn area of where I work. The W on each side of the horse girl is symmetrical giving the photo some design of balance. Balance in a photo or any design truly brings balance to a piece. It gives what I would say a steadiness of it, organization, and easy to the eye in a way.

Practicing design concepts, my four best  #designblitz

My second image is a photo that represents rhythm. Rhythm is similar to balance; its appealing to the eye and gives it as well a smoothness/balance with it. The eye follows along when there is rhythm following the guiding lines, shapes, and forms. This image captured is of some old stalls at our barn. A stall having a gate or non-gate still has a beautiful rhythm that guides the eyes to the end.

Practicing design concepts, my four best  #designblitz

My third image represents domination. This image was fun but very difficult for me to capture. I truly was having was deciding what the flowers should be dominating over. For this “flower” image I took quite a few images some around the horses, some pointed at the sky, some pointed at the ground, literally all around. But the flowers though they seemed to be focused on didn’t seem they were over dominating enough. Finally, after much trial and error I got this photo. With the horses in the background with some landscape the flowers dominated many items. I feel the concept of domination allows the elegant beauty of something to stand out that our eyes might not have been drawn to in the beginning.

Practicing design concepts, my four best  #designblitz

My final concept that I have image for to represent is proportion. This image clearly shows the sky compared to the earth. The sky is very large compared to the beautiful bluff here in the Hill country. Proportion I believe is straightforward and is easy to the eye for one to see and understand.

Practicing design concepts, my four best  #designblitz

Overall I enjoyed this assignment and believe it give me new lenses to look through!

Water Bender?

Turning a GIF into a FIG and defying all odds! I think I was so overwhelmed with the things I could create for a FIG because you can literally create ANYTHING!!!!

To create my FIG I had some friends help me, one recording and one dumping some water from a high point. Let me tell you that water felt so good after working in this Texas heat but I truly wish I knew what it was like to push that water away and be dry in a second! Thanks to my FIG my viewers can imagine that!

Creating a FIG is quite simple! Take a look at my first GIF I created that shows the step by step process of creating a GIF.

To create the FIG the only difference is when you get to the editing screen click adjustments.

Once you tap “Adjust” it will bring you to a screen to choose between a variety of options of your GIF. To create your FIG you hit backwards and it makes your video/GIF backwards.

Those scratches are just too good

Oh little Sarah! This little girl is one of the dogs here at camp the camp I work at. She has a very unique personality or should I say dognality? Anyway, this girl will run and blop right in front of you to get her daily does of scratches, expecting a good belly rub every time.

When you start scratching her she gets not only the biggest smile on her face, she begins to pump her legs like she is running a marathon. She doesn’t just pump one leg, she pumps both! Making her go crazy!!

This GIF is the best representation of this little girl Sarah and it puts a smile on my face watching it!

The process…..

Creating this GIF I researched soft wares and apps I could use that were simple but had enough tools to create about anything. I then came across “GIF Maker” in the app store on the iphone, it was straightforward but additionally had a lot of choices and variety of things to create.

First off I wanted to give an idea of what the app looks like when downloaded from the app store. As you can see circled in blue is the app “GIF Maker”.

When opening the app this is the first view you will get. It allows you to select the media you want to use to create your GIF. When I created mine I selected video.

Selecting the media choice it brings you to your albums on your phone to select the video, image or whatsoever you choose. Once you have selected the media you would like to use it brings you to the next screen where you can trim either a video, slowmo, etc. For my GIF I trimmed my video a few seconds so it wasn’t too long.

Once you have trimmed the video to your liking you next continue on to editing. In the editing section you can adjust the gif to your liking, add filters, add text, add graphics, and more!

Finally you can then upload and/or save your GIF to share be selecting the upload on icon top right corner. I shared my on twitter!

A photo that leaves me speechless

I took this photo in Texas where I work as a wrangler (aka my favorite job ever that was/is a dream come true). I was swimming in the river at the bottom of the hill where the horses usually hangout. As I was swimming the was sun beginning to set and I look up and see the horses at the top of the hill. So I quickly capture a photo of them, using the techniques of paying attention to the moment, rule of thirds (balance), and looking at the natural light. I was very impressed how in one moment this beautiful image was captured.

That evening I played around with editing it not having an idea of what I was wanting the end result to be of the photo, but as I went along editing it the idea of a silhouette seem to stick. What I ended up doing to edit it is I increased the contrast, lowered exposure, increased saturation, and defined the blue.

The photo became so powerful and elegant for its simplicity!