Scene on the search for Spirit

Follow the girl as she begins her journey to find Spirit in Texas!

To create this movie I used iMovie on the iPhone. Check out my tutorial and follow along on how I created this scene!

A day in the life….

…of a Waldemar Wrangler

I take my viewers through my day as a wrangler at Camp Waldemar…from sun up to sun down they get an idea of just a small portion of the things I do here at camp.

I used iMovie once again to create this assignment, “a day in the life” (3 stars), I added a sound provided by iMovie to play in the background of the video to keep the video more interesting.

Just a girl feeding her horses

For this assignment, POV (5 stars), I expose my viewers to one of my daily tasks, feeding the horses, as a wrangler here at the camp I work at. My viewers only get a quick glimpse of my POV of feeding the horses in one barn, but the idea is obvious.

I filmed myself and used iMovie to change the filter on the video. The filter I used from iMovie was “western”. I then added a title slide and that was it!