Spirit Found in Texas!

I began my story with a girl finding an AD hanging in her local tack shop of this “Real Life Spirit” found in Texas. Below is the AD that was shared in the tack shop.

I used Bazart on the iPhone to create this visual design. Check out my tutorial and follow along with my creation:

Scene on the search for Spirit

Follow the girl as she begins her journey to find Spirit in Texas!

To create this movie I used iMovie on the iPhone. Check out my tutorial and follow along on how I created this scene!

The search for Spirit

There was an ad a young girl spotted one day hanging in her local tack shop. It stated that there was a “Real Life Spirit” spotted in Hunt, Texas.

She stopped everything she was doing and booked a plane ticket to Hunt, Texas to go on this hunt for the horse. She loved Spirit as a little girl and dreamed of meeting him one day… and that day was now!

She arrives to the barn in Hunt, Texas that he claims to roam in with his herd. There is no person about so she finds a halter and a treat in hopes and finding the wild horse!

She finds him and is in complete shock with his beauty and how willing he was to let her greet him!

The audio of Finding Spirit

Hear the girl on the search for the wild horse, Spirit. She is walking through the woods, hears the horses running but then she hears this nicker and takes off after him…eventually getting to touch him.

I used Audacity to edit the sound and used free sounds to collect the sounds.