Look, Listen, Analyze

I choose the clip American Psycho for this assignment.

The Camera Work: I turned off the volume on the video and analyzed the camera work. Doing this I was able to really focus and see the visual aspects and detail put into the scene. Watching the scene the camera had many angles and cuts so viewer is able to see both characters perspectives and views. Additionally the camera zooms in closer to minor details we need to know. Lastly the camera does some action with the movement such as when the guy starts chopping the guy down with the axe the camera moves with his movement and shakes to give the intensity of the scene.

The soundtrack: Volume up but no viewing the scene. This allowed me to listen closely to the audio used in the scene to be able to analyze it use in the scene. Additionally we hear here the sound effects to go with the movement and placement of things/items. There is no music in the beginning but as the scene continues from discussion to one of the characters is talking and music begins playing. However, the music is discussed by one of the characters and is played throughout the rest of the scene while there is screaming happening. I think this upbeat song played while there is screaming is suppose to be something comedic because the song and scene do not match at all.

Watched all together: Now watching the scene with the volume I was able to pay attention to the sounds with the items/movement better than I would have if I watched it normal at first. I feel like listening to just the sound made me pay attention to all the those detailed sounds in the background that watching it normal I was looking out for what they were related to.

How to read a movie

Reading through Ebert’s article about how to read a movie, I was very intrigued by how he was able to studied movies scenes from varying countries and understand their techniques for their area. Continuing on and reading about his methods a lot of the methods he mentions I studied in a photography class in high school, such as the “Rule of Thirds”. However, when I originally studied these so call methods like the Rule of Thirds in high school I never truly considered them being applied into films/movies.

The process Ebert uses to describe the importance of the methods I believe work. Though every person’s eye is drawn to different things I think as long as they catch someones eye in some way then the process/method worked effectively.

I first watched “One-Point Perspective” technique and was truly amazed how often this technique is used and didn’t realize the varying uses of it until seeing all the examples.

Next I watched “From Below” technique which I feel like is a technique that allows the audience to feel as if they are in the scene themselves.

Lastly I watched “Match Cut” which seeing an example of this technique helped me to visually understand the technique better.

All techniques that I will use and apply when creating my films.

Looking at others….

What I gained truly from looking at other students pages from this class and previous classes is we all set up our websites in our own way that fits us. I feel like at times some may get caught up in trying to style things to fit in but the vibe I got from the sites I looked at was it was that person not someone else.

Looking at other peoples sites I was able to get better ideas of how to organize items on my website that I had not thought of before. Understanding how they applied their creativity as well really stood out to me and made me think of new ideas for my own site.

Storytelling from creators

Growing up I had always heard the people in my family of older generations talk about how they never had a T.V. that everything was through the radio whether it be the news or storytelling cartoons basically. I was amazed by how much they enjoyed it for never having the experience myself and only knowing entertainment shown on a television.

Listening to Ira Glasses Storytelling part one and part two I was able to get a better understanding of why people are drawn to the storytelling through radio. He first stated it is all about the anecdote, giving the story the momentum, making it in its purest form. That’s is the catch having this continued pace that grabs on to someone. Additionally, he stated that creating the story one should constantly be raising question and answering them and lastly, there should always be a moment of reflection.

Jad Abumrad points out that the reason radio storytelling is so intriguing is that it is almost empowered by what it lacks such as no visual image to see in front of us. Instead we have to create our own image, the storyteller creates an idea of a painting, but we are the ones holding the paint brush creating that painting.

I like how with storytelling you can create your characters, imagery, landscape, literally about anything to the story you’re told.

Reflection of Vignelli

Wow just wow! First of all the things that this singular person made that still are used today and are still very known is so intriguing. It’s intriguing in the sense that these fonts, logos, or maps even that I have seen before/used were created by this singular person whom has had an influence on over a million people.

Understanding his skill, his key concepts, and even his approaches to his designs of what made his work so powerful and influencing to others teaches me that design is so much bigger than I thought. Design is so detailed and at times a viewers eyes may not conceptually understand those details they are seeing but as a designer we know what makes that design eye catching for a person, we know the little things someone is unaware of but their eyes are not.

Its all in how you catch a person eyes!

Reflection on Visual Storytelling

Thought provoking is how I would define my experience so far with visual storytelling! I feel like before I never took the time into creating projects that I post/express through media platforms until now. Now I am careful and paying attention to detail of my projects, ensuring my point gets across and that its visually appealing.

I feel like visual story telling can prepare people for so many things just like in my situation in wanting to own my own business one day! Being able to express my self through social media platforms correctly and as well as being able to standout will help me get my name out there. Thought what draws peoples attention must is the creativity it is also the story behind something that they can be visually looked at. Visual storytelling is allowing me to learn these skills and approaches for my future!

Becoming a better Photographer

Photography is an art that I myself truly never understood fundamentally everything behind it that makes it an art! Reading the articles and better understanding how the smallest angle, the amount of color, details, or something in the moment just truly make up what an image is/can be. Its not all about click and that’s it there is a whole process at times before the image is taken and after.

Taking the time to practice these skills was so much fun especially running around this horse ranch/camp I am working at! I practiced and tried applying a majority of the key points, skills, and tricks that I read about when taking many of the photos. Now when I take photos I feel like I put more thought and process into my images and consider the art behind the image more.

Commentary on midweek 1

It has been sometime since I have used my domain provided by UMW. Before when I used my domain it was never based off things about me it was only used for my classes and their assignments. Setting it up this time well honestly, if I could give one simple word to describe it, it would be awkward. Awkward, weird right? What a word to use, but I say awkward because I was not use to setting the domain up in a way to describe myself or basing the domain around me. Saying this it truly took me sometime to set it up, making sure the domain was me and not just a domain set up for my class. I am pleased with how it is set up now but I am exploring more on how I want to present myself through my domain better.

The only social medias I have for myself are Instagram and Facebook both which I use to post whats going on in my life and to advertise my horse training services. With wanting to one day open my own business I understand all social media platforms are one of the best tools for advertising self/business. I was always hesitant to use twitter and YouTube especially for I had no idea how to use them but also really never tried. In the process of setting them up for this summer class I was quite excited because I am finally getting my taste of how to really use these social media platforms to possibly help me with my future!

A blog is something I also have always wanted to dip my toes into for getting myself out there more. Where I am struggling with my blog is the set up of it. How to organize it with categories and sub pages, whats best, pictures/videos/graphics or just words? All things that will be a learning process as I go, however, I am pleased with what I have right now. I do believe though with more blog posts I will change up how my posts are organized and even the overall layout of my posts.