Final Summary

Cannot believe it is the end of the semester! I really had a great time in this class and branching out to discover and learn new things! I for sure have a new way of looking and creating media.

Here are the last few things of my final, where I created a story of finding the real life Spirit.

Below is the full story:

Lastly the items that made the story:

Overall in this class I learned to branch out of the box more when being creative. I additionally learned that there is an “App for that”!!!! Literally there is an app to create about anything everything!!!!! I think what I would do differently if I took this class over is really take the time to look at other examples of projects instead of “winging it” a majority of the time. The most exciting project honestly was creating the GIF and FIG. I have always wanted to but never took the time too, so it was fun and for sure will be creating them all the time now!!!

Summary Week 4


It’s film week!!! A week I have been so excited for!!!!!!!

Commenting on fellow classmates blog posts…..

This week was super fun! I have always enjoyed making video content and using the iMovie software. However, I didn’t really have any challenges this week for this week was something I looked forward to and have always enjoyed doing on my free time! I loved doing the video assignments this week giving my viewers an idea of what I do for my job in the summer! Additionally something that was a different experience for me that I enjoyed was the “Look, Listen, Analyze” assignment, I had never thought of paying attention to a movie/movie scene in so much detail like that before. It makes me now have a different perspective and opened up my eyes and ears a little more.

Summary of Week 3

Audio time! This week made me dive into waters of a media I had never messed with before. I was always intrigued by sounds in movies or even how silent movies were created but never thought I would be able to create such thing!

I first started my week off analyzing story telling from other creators and listening to audio stories…..

I enjoyed taking a glimpse into a media world I had never truly taken note for.

What I got from other students…..

After getting an idea of storytelling with audio or even how storytelling is emphasized more with sounds I created my own first audio story. It was super fun to create and I believe for my first time I did great editing the sounds to create my story!

I then created a ringtone which was kind of freeing and fun! Obviously, I am your typical horse girl!

Out of all the design assignments this one was my all time favorite! First of all love the movie Spirit but then getting the opportunity to create a scene from the movie was really neat! Creating this assignment I had to play back in my head the sounds that were in the background which just proved how much I love/have seen that movie since I could think of about all of it!

Finally my last assignment that I just threw together with my favorite sounds. Simple and to the point is how I could describe it.

Once again had to complete four daily creates….each one unique from the other.

This week forced me to step out of my comfort zone and learn something I had not before. It was fun though it was a challenge at first, however once I understood the tools better on Audacity I was smooth rollin!

As I said it was a challenge and I had a lot of set backs and mental blocks because I felt so lost at times….however, listening to examples and finding tutorials and manuals to better explain how to create anything audio I felt more at ease. I have always been one that just loves to dive right in but I also want to stay a float and not sink. I am grateful that I was challenged and the assignments for this week truly taught me how to work through a block.

Summary of Week 2

Week 2…a week that I discovered many more skills and concepts to apply to things to further my creating skills.

To start off week 2 I read about Vignelli to understand his skills and key concepts of design.

After reading about Vincent Vignelli I started my week off first creating a GIF and a FIG. I have never created a GIF before so this was all new for me. I had always wanted to learn but never spent the time learning how because I assumed it was difficult. Well was I wrong for sure! It was so simple and let me just say they truly have an app for that (aka anything)!!! The app I used called GIF maker on the iPhone made everything so easy and truly made it able for me complete this assignment correctly.

Following creating my GIFs, I started my Design Blitz. Doing this design blitz was really fun and I believe I completed this assignment to my best ability. I really enjoyed playing with the camera more and playing with different concepts.

For this week I was required to complete four daily creates! Each daily create very different from the other.

For the color changing Daily create I used the VSCO photo editing app to create this image.

My final assignment I completed this week was five different design assignments from the design bank. I really, I mean really, enjoyed creating these assignments this week. I was challenged more in really coming up with the ideas I was wanting to express through these designs. To get through this kind of block I was dealing with I would look up examples and get a collective idea of what I was wanting to initially create/design.

I first started with the “Are we there yet?” assignment and gave it a try. I was so stumped on where to even begin on how to create this assignment, I didn’t have Photoshop or no software that could remove backgrounds. Thus saying, I started this assignment off researching and looking through examples of others students from previous classes and came across an app called “Bazaart”. I followed a previous students step by step tutorial using the app and was amazed that an app that was free could allow one to create so much!

After playing with the app and finishing the first assignment, I then started my others from the design bank and realized that I could use Bazaart for a majority of them as well. Next thing you know I felt like I was creating about anything everything with the Bazaart App.

Compared to the previous week this week was not as challenging. Though I struggled most with designers block I was able to get through creatively and efficiently for the week. I think my creative juices are starting to get a good flow and I am figuring out how to find tools better to help me when I am stuck/challenged.

I think I have completed all assignments well and made them from my own perspective. I felt no block form outside sources, felt free to create whatever I wanted.

Summary of Week 1

Week 1 has been a journey! From resetting my domain to going on a photo safari I have had to learn and experience new ways of using media!

Starting with my introduction that consisted of introducing myself across all media platforms was fun! I struggled with having to create things solely based around me because I was so use to making things based on my classes. However, I believe I approached this assignment with all the best intentions and best knowledge of what I knew previously in creating media. What I would do differently is plan out in more depth what my goals and approaches with my domain would be. Then understand better how I want to introduce my self through the platforms based off my domain.

Daily creates for the first week were really quite fun! I enjoyed these sporadic ideas and they made me really think outside of the box!

Visual Assignments for week one I think were fun and I really enjoyed learning how to use new software such as the visual map and finding a new app to add to my phone (Aviary app) to play with in editing images!

Photo Safari: What a challenge but fun journey this assignment was! I truly enjoyed running around, especially at my job here in Texas, finding these perspectives and images to take.

Reflection on Becoming a better Photographer

My favorite image that I took applying the new skills I learned!

My overall thoughts of week one

A journey it was! All just new beginnings for me using some of these social media platforms. Though it was stressful, I really enjoyed the challenge! This week with the assignments I had a great time capturing some fun moments and creating new pieces of media. However, I think I could have done some of my assignments better but I do believe I did them to my best ability without having much knowledge/use of the media platform or software before. In this short week though, I believe I have grown more using all the different soft wares/platforms and learned as I have gone along.

I truly enjoyed doing the photo safari this week! Running around somewhere that is my second home and having a new perspective of its surroundings to capture the images needed was quite exciting! I was so caught up in getting the images that I wasn’t paying attention so much to the image I captured in the moment. After I took a moment to go through the images and see what I captured I fell in love with some thinking I will get some printed and framed to keep.

What gave me trouble the most was my domain and setting it up. I had to play around with it a lot, hitting things here and there curious if that did what I needed or not. It was a lot of trial and error but, I am happy with how it is organized for the moment. I am curious to see as I go on using my domain what else I discover in organizing it and its setup. The main question I have is for my domain set up, I have the categories for my posts but do these categories need to be separate subpages?

One other thing I had trouble with is using sound cloud. I have never used this software before and don’t have much knowledge of it but that is used for people to record their music to share. I am not musically gifted, though I do have some skill in playing the triangle, but was unsure/stuck on how I can express my self through sound cloud.

Overall, I think what I would have done differently is taken more time to learn about the media platforms I had not used before. I think if I would have taken more time to do this, I would have a better idea of expressing my assignments and media I create. Additionally, would be more confident in what I am making/posting as well!