A photo that leaves me speechless

I took this photo in Texas where I work as a wrangler (aka my favorite job ever that was/is a dream come true). I was swimming in the river at the bottom of the hill where the horses usually hangout. As I was swimming the was sun beginning to set and I look up and see the horses at the top of the hill. So I quickly capture a photo of them, using the techniques of paying attention to the moment, rule of thirds (balance), and looking at the natural light. I was very impressed how in one moment this beautiful image was captured.

That evening I played around with editing it not having an idea of what I was wanting the end result to be of the photo, but as I went along editing it the idea of a silhouette seem to stick. What I ended up doing to edit it is I increased the contrast, lowered exposure, increased saturation, and defined the blue.

The photo became so powerful and elegant for its simplicity!

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