Design Blitz

My design blitz that was a photography adventure! I decided to do this assignment at my work, where I also am living for the summer, during my free time and took some pictures of the concepts/elements. Originally before I went out on this adventure to take these pictures I planned out a photo for each concept. However, I realized I was struggling because they were not coming out exactly how I planned. After a day of regrouping and rethinking my thought process, I decided the best thing to do is to just go for it with no plan. I understood the concepts and knew what I needed to strive for but it was better to play, take a variety of pictures, and see what fit with what concept.

After scrolling and scrolling through my many images I came down to these four images that expressed the concepts best.

My first one is Balance, this sign is the entrance to the barn area of where I work. The W on each side of the horse girl is symmetrical giving the photo some design of balance. Balance in a photo or any design truly brings balance to a piece. It gives what I would say a steadiness of it, organization, and easy to the eye in a way.

Practicing design concepts, my four best  #designblitz

My second image is a photo that represents rhythm. Rhythm is similar to balance; its appealing to the eye and gives it as well a smoothness/balance with it. The eye follows along when there is rhythm following the guiding lines, shapes, and forms. This image captured is of some old stalls at our barn. A stall having a gate or non-gate still has a beautiful rhythm that guides the eyes to the end.

Practicing design concepts, my four best  #designblitz

My third image represents domination. This image was fun but very difficult for me to capture. I truly was having was deciding what the flowers should be dominating over. For this “flower” image I took quite a few images some around the horses, some pointed at the sky, some pointed at the ground, literally all around. But the flowers though they seemed to be focused on didn’t seem they were over dominating enough. Finally, after much trial and error I got this photo. With the horses in the background with some landscape the flowers dominated many items. I feel the concept of domination allows the elegant beauty of something to stand out that our eyes might not have been drawn to in the beginning.

Practicing design concepts, my four best  #designblitz

My final concept that I have image for to represent is proportion. This image clearly shows the sky compared to the earth. The sky is very large compared to the beautiful bluff here in the Hill country. Proportion I believe is straightforward and is easy to the eye for one to see and understand.

Practicing design concepts, my four best  #designblitz

Overall I enjoyed this assignment and believe it give me new lenses to look through!

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