Introductions across different medias

This is me…..Finding the light in everything, striving to accomplish any challenge set in front of me, and passionate about this world we live in.

Me in a minute…..My life is pretty straightforward eat, sleep, adventure, animals, and fun! All these things are who I am and all I do! Constantly spending time with my animals, finding new adventures, and making the best memories!

Checking in from Texas…..Like my last three summers I will be in Texas once again where I am working at a camp as a horse wrangler taking care of over 100 horses. I spend my days here in Texas getting up before the sun feeding horses, caring for the horses, training/ saddling up, and taking a dip in the beautiful Guad. river. As a little girl I dreamed of a job like this and even though it is one of the hardest jobs physically, and sometimes mentally, that I have worked it is one of the most rewarding and you will see me with a smile on my face the whole time.

I am pictured with my granddad’s dog Betsy.

Where every sun sets it will rise…..this is my mantra, I live by the sun but feel a pull most to rising suns. Rising suns overcome the night/darkness, they are powerful, mean new beginnings/opportunities and Elvis Presley, my favorite artist as a kid, had a horse named “Rising Sun”. I dream of my own house one day having the view to see every sun rise and possibly every sun set.

Sunrises——the light that over comes the darkness
My horse Hope in an unedited picture of a beautiful sunrise in Hunt, Texas.

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