Spubble in Nashville

In the summer of 2018 I took a road trip with my grandma and aunt from Texas to Virginia. We stopped in many states and toured many historical places. One of my favorite places we traveled through was Nashville, Tennessee.

A beautiful city it was! We wanted to make the best of this trip trying every place and restaurant that the locals talked about. With the city being so busy we walked every where and I mean every where!!!!

One night we decided to try this one place that we had heard through the grapevine truly had the best fried chicken. When put the restaurant in the GPS and we venture on our 30 min walk to it.

Finally arriving we see a line out the door but, as we get closer the line is wrapped around the building with like over an hour wait. Mind you its summer so its hot, I am drenched in sweat, my feet are killing me and all I want is some Damn Fried Chicken!

We finally got our chicken, would I say the hot over an hour wait was it worth it? Honestly, yes and no. Food was amazing but I was getting really hangry in that line and could have eaten a whole cow by myself at that moment!

Creating my spubble

I downloaded the app “Aviary” on to my phone. This app allows you to add graphics and text blurbs to your photos. In addition it allows you to edit the photo its self. Check out my YouTube video of me creating my spubble through the app on my phone.

Step one) Pick out your image and select edit

Step two) Slide over to the half circle folded over icon

Step three) Find speech bubbles and choose one of your liking

Step Four) Find the T (text) icon to ass your text, selecting your color etc.

And there you go! You have your self a spubble!

Creating the text blurb was not that difficult though last minute I decided to change my original spubble to what it is now, I still followed the same process.

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