Those scratches are just too good

Oh little Sarah! This little girl is one of the dogs here at camp the camp I work at. She has a very unique personality or should I say dognality? Anyway, this girl will run and blop right in front of you to get her daily does of scratches, expecting a good belly rub every time.

When you start scratching her she gets not only the biggest smile on her face, she begins to pump her legs like she is running a marathon. She doesn’t just pump one leg, she pumps both! Making her go crazy!!

This GIF is the best representation of this little girl Sarah and it puts a smile on my face watching it!

The process…..

Creating this GIF I researched soft wares and apps I could use that were simple but had enough tools to create about anything. I then came across “GIF Maker” in the app store on the iphone, it was straightforward but additionally had a lot of choices and variety of things to create.

First off I wanted to give an idea of what the app looks like when downloaded from the app store. As you can see circled in blue is the app “GIF Maker”.

When opening the app this is the first view you will get. It allows you to select the media you want to use to create your GIF. When I created mine I selected video.

Selecting the media choice it brings you to your albums on your phone to select the video, image or whatsoever you choose. Once you have selected the media you would like to use it brings you to the next screen where you can trim either a video, slowmo, etc. For my GIF I trimmed my video a few seconds so it wasn’t too long.

Once you have trimmed the video to your liking you next continue on to editing. In the editing section you can adjust the gif to your liking, add filters, add text, add graphics, and more!

Finally you can then upload and/or save your GIF to share be selecting the upload on icon top right corner. I shared my on twitter!

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