Water Bender?

Turning a GIF into a FIG and defying all odds! I think I was so overwhelmed with the things I could create for a FIG because you can literally create ANYTHING!!!!

To create my FIG I had some friends help me, one recording and one dumping some water from a high point. Let me tell you that water felt so good after working in this Texas heat but I truly wish I knew what it was like to push that water away and be dry in a second! Thanks to my FIG my viewers can imagine that!

Creating a FIG is quite simple! Take a look at my first GIF I created that shows the step by step process of creating a GIF.

To create the FIG the only difference is when you get to the editing screen click adjustments.

Once you tap “Adjust” it will bring you to a screen to choose between a variety of options of your GIF. To create your FIG you hit backwards and it makes your video/GIF backwards.

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