Get to know me

Hello there! Thank you for taking a look at my site and showing interest in getting to know the girl behind this site. My name is Makenzie, I go by many nicknames but my two main nicknames are Mickey and Mak. I was born in Bethesda Maryland however I have lived in Fredericksburg Virginia since I was a few days old, basically I don’t get to say the saying “born and raised”, but close enough. Growing up I always had a passion to work with horses and eventually own my own Equestrian Center providing a variety of services. To this day I am still on that journey of accomplishing that dream and growing more every second.

A life full of animals is the way my life has and will always be, I truly don’t know life without animals in it. Growing up we had dogs, ferrets, birds, cats, turtles, and fish. About 2 years ago I added two horses of my own to my life. You will always catch me with my animals and taking them on some pretty cool adventures!

I see the glass half full never half empty….I always make sure I am living my best full life, doing something adventurous, and making many memories. As you will see I am always outdoors finding my next adventure to do usually horseback or with my dogs, but always appreciating this world we have been blessed with.