Becoming a better Photographer

Photography is an art that I myself truly never understood fundamentally everything behind it that makes it an art! Reading the articles and better understanding how the smallest angle, the amount of color, details, or something in the moment just truly make up what an image is/can be. Its not all about click and that’s it there is a whole process at times before the image is taken and after.

Taking the time to practice these skills was so much fun especially running around this horse ranch/camp I am working at! I practiced and tried applying a majority of the key points, skills, and tricks that I read about when taking many of the photos. Now when I take photos I feel like I put more thought and process into my images and consider the art behind the image more.

Photo Safari

I choose to do my photo safari at the camp where I am working/living for the summer, we are basically quarantined in our working area till campers arrive. I choose to take advantage of the area I work in and took some pictures inside the barn loft I live in and outside with some of the animals.

Running around, looking at things multiple times with different views and perspectives was really quite fun! It made me look at the items around me differently, taking the time to look into them looking for that perspective that image could be.

My favorite photos I took out of this project were the dominated by single color, unusual angle, and abstract. Those three came out better than I had expected, thus saying I decided to edit them a little to make them stand out.

However, I did have some trouble capturing something futuristic and a metaphor of complexity.

My trip to Puerto Rico

I took a trip to Puerto Rico in January of 2020 with my family! Take a look at the places we explored!

I really enjoyed using this software! Being someone who loves to travel and hold on to their memories this software allowed me to create a create memory holder, especially having the locations marked with pictures! Now I wish what I would have done differently is on my trip take more pictures in almost every location I was in!

A photo that leaves me speechless

I took this photo in Texas where I work as a wrangler (aka my favorite job ever that was/is a dream come true). I was swimming in the river at the bottom of the hill where the horses usually hangout. As I was swimming the was sun beginning to set and I look up and see the horses at the top of the hill. So I quickly capture a photo of them, using the techniques of paying attention to the moment, rule of thirds (balance), and looking at the natural light. I was very impressed how in one moment this beautiful image was captured.

That evening I played around with editing it not having an idea of what I was wanting the end result to be of the photo, but as I went along editing it the idea of a silhouette seem to stick. What I ended up doing to edit it is I increased the contrast, lowered exposure, increased saturation, and defined the blue.

The photo became so powerful and elegant for its simplicity!

Where I find peace in a collage

These photos are the places where I am at peace. Where am the most at peace is outdoors, listening and taking in everything around me that this beautiful world has given us. I find my peace working with horses, whether riding them or working them on the ground. They make me whole. I find my peace catching every sunrise. I find my peace going on adventures with my dogs and exploring new places. I find my peace soaking up the sun usually at the beach.

Creating my collage for my first visual assignment I found four photos that I took at places where I found/felt peace and I used the “Instagram Layout” app to create the collage. I believe this collage truly represents my peace! I enjoyed making this collage and now every time I look at it, I smile.

Commentary on midweek 1

It has been sometime since I have used my domain provided by UMW. Before when I used my domain it was never based off things about me it was only used for my classes and their assignments. Setting it up this time well honestly, if I could give one simple word to describe it, it would be awkward. Awkward, weird right? What a word to use, but I say awkward because I was not use to setting the domain up in a way to describe myself or basing the domain around me. Saying this it truly took me sometime to set it up, making sure the domain was me and not just a domain set up for my class. I am pleased with how it is set up now but I am exploring more on how I want to present myself through my domain better.

The only social medias I have for myself are Instagram and Facebook both which I use to post whats going on in my life and to advertise my horse training services. With wanting to one day open my own business I understand all social media platforms are one of the best tools for advertising self/business. I was always hesitant to use twitter and YouTube especially for I had no idea how to use them but also really never tried. In the process of setting them up for this summer class I was quite excited because I am finally getting my taste of how to really use these social media platforms to possibly help me with my future!

A blog is something I also have always wanted to dip my toes into for getting myself out there more. Where I am struggling with my blog is the set up of it. How to organize it with categories and sub pages, whats best, pictures/videos/graphics or just words? All things that will be a learning process as I go, however, I am pleased with what I have right now. I do believe though with more blog posts I will change up how my posts are organized and even the overall layout of my posts.

Introductions across different medias

This is me…..Finding the light in everything, striving to accomplish any challenge set in front of me, and passionate about this world we live in.

Me in a minute…..My life is pretty straightforward eat, sleep, adventure, animals, and fun! All these things are who I am and all I do! Constantly spending time with my animals, finding new adventures, and making the best memories!

Checking in from Texas…..Like my last three summers I will be in Texas once again where I am working at a camp as a horse wrangler taking care of over 100 horses. I spend my days here in Texas getting up before the sun feeding horses, caring for the horses, training/ saddling up, and taking a dip in the beautiful Guad. river. As a little girl I dreamed of a job like this and even though it is one of the hardest jobs physically, and sometimes mentally, that I have worked it is one of the most rewarding and you will see me with a smile on my face the whole time.

I am pictured with my granddad’s dog Betsy.

Where every sun sets it will rise…..this is my mantra, I live by the sun but feel a pull most to rising suns. Rising suns overcome the night/darkness, they are powerful, mean new beginnings/opportunities and Elvis Presley, my favorite artist as a kid, had a horse named “Rising Sun”. I dream of my own house one day having the view to see every sun rise and possibly every sun set.

Sunrises——the light that over comes the darkness
My horse Hope in an unedited picture of a beautiful sunrise in Hunt, Texas.