A covid valentine?

I would take my mask off for you! How romantic…honestly in our covid times now a days I think that is the sweetest thing someone could truly say to you!!!

I really enjoyed creating this Valentine assignment (4 stars), it made me laugh thinking off all the sayings I could use for a valentines day card during covid times. The only image I had to use off the internet was the one of the girl wearing the mask. I found this clip art on google searching for people wearing mask. The rest of the card I created on Bazaart, once again. I set my background as a color, then added some glitter as an overlay, next added some text and finally uploaded the mask girl image removing the background and BAM…final product!

Tattoo for me

Tattoos are such a unique piece of art, with so much meaning that a person carries around engraved in their skin. This is what is a tattoo to me, unique and with meaning. For this assignment of “A tattoo that describes you” (2 1/2 stars) I used the app Bazaart and followed the same steps as I did in my “Are we there yet?” assignment. I decided to create a tattoo that Im actually considering getting in the near future. I first found the images on google and Pinterest to use. I then created the background on Bazaart with the sun then added the horses removing the background to layer on top of the sun. Then added my mantra that I live by, “Where the sun sets it will rise.”, using the font provided by Bazaart.

This is right, right???

Traveling, finding new adventures, and exploring new places is what I am all about! But having the ability to capture myself any where in the world…Oh man am I pumped! Check out my “Are we there yet?” design assignment I created (3 stars) taking a photo of myself from the Grand Canyon and placing myself on an island in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Curious how I created this photo? So easy download the Bazaart app and watch my YouTube video of me creating this image and learn how to!!

Open the app! Select your background and begin erasing!

Defying all odds

To be a kid again, having no fear and the courage to try and do about anything! To have the imagination to make our own wonderland to explore! That’s what I saw when I saw this photo at Boston Globe. I feel like sometimes we just all need to be kids again appreciating whats around us and exploring our wonderlands.

For my big caption assignment (1 star) I once again used the Aviary photo editor app to create the text on to my image. In this image I used two different text boxes to stack the text as seen in the image to give some creativity.

A smile is the best….

Makeup is used to enhance one’s physical appearance, can’t a smile do the same? Sometimes we hide behind a smile portraying through our physical appearance that all is well, good, or fine.

Creating my contradiction creation (2 1/2 stars) I found a photo of me and some of my old friends in high school when we took our beach trip. I think went on Pinterest to find a contradictory quote that I thought would be fitting for my photo.

Once I found my quote I once again used the app on my phone called Aviary Photo editor that I used to create my Spubble. Just like creating my spubble but not adding the speech bubble I just hit the T box icon and added text. Once I added my text I played around with the variety of fonts offered and colors. Finally I had my masterpiece.