Commentary on midweek 1

It has been sometime since I have used my domain provided by UMW. Before when I used my domain it was never based off things about me it was only used for my classes and their assignments. Setting it up this time well honestly, if I could give one simple word to describe it, it would be awkward. Awkward, weird right? What a word to use, but I say awkward because I was not use to setting the domain up in a way to describe myself or basing the domain around me. Saying this it truly took me sometime to set it up, making sure the domain was me and not just a domain set up for my class. I am pleased with how it is set up now but I am exploring more on how I want to present myself through my domain better.

The only social medias I have for myself are Instagram and Facebook both which I use to post whats going on in my life and to advertise my horse training services. With wanting to one day open my own business I understand all social media platforms are one of the best tools for advertising self/business. I was always hesitant to use twitter and YouTube especially for I had no idea how to use them but also really never tried. In the process of setting them up for this summer class I was quite excited because I am finally getting my taste of how to really use these social media platforms to possibly help me with my future!

A blog is something I also have always wanted to dip my toes into for getting myself out there more. Where I am struggling with my blog is the set up of it. How to organize it with categories and sub pages, whats best, pictures/videos/graphics or just words? All things that will be a learning process as I go, however, I am pleased with what I have right now. I do believe though with more blog posts I will change up how my posts are organized and even the overall layout of my posts.

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