How to read a movie

Reading through Ebert’s article about how to read a movie, I was very intrigued by how he was able to studied movies scenes from varying countries and understand their techniques for their area. Continuing on and reading about his methods a lot of the methods he mentions I studied in a photography class in high school, such as the “Rule of Thirds”. However, when I originally studied these so call methods like the Rule of Thirds in high school I never truly considered them being applied into films/movies.

The process Ebert uses to describe the importance of the methods I believe work. Though every person’s eye is drawn to different things I think as long as they catch someones eye in some way then the process/method worked effectively.

I first watched “One-Point Perspective” technique and was truly amazed how often this technique is used and didn’t realize the varying uses of it until seeing all the examples.

Next I watched “From Below” technique which I feel like is a technique that allows the audience to feel as if they are in the scene themselves.

Lastly I watched “Match Cut” which seeing an example of this technique helped me to visually understand the technique better.

All techniques that I will use and apply when creating my films.

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