Look, Listen, Analyze

I choose the clip American Psycho for this assignment.

The Camera Work: I turned off the volume on the video and analyzed the camera work. Doing this I was able to really focus and see the visual aspects and detail put into the scene. Watching the scene the camera had many angles and cuts so viewer is able to see both characters perspectives and views. Additionally the camera zooms in closer to minor details we need to know. Lastly the camera does some action with the movement such as when the guy starts chopping the guy down with the axe the camera moves with his movement and shakes to give the intensity of the scene.

The soundtrack: Volume up but no viewing the scene. This allowed me to listen closely to the audio used in the scene to be able to analyze it use in the scene. Additionally we hear here the sound effects to go with the movement and placement of things/items. There is no music in the beginning but as the scene continues from discussion to one of the characters is talking and music begins playing. However, the music is discussed by one of the characters and is played throughout the rest of the scene while there is screaming happening. I think this upbeat song played while there is screaming is suppose to be something comedic because the song and scene do not match at all.

Watched all together: Now watching the scene with the volume I was able to pay attention to the sounds with the items/movement better than I would have if I watched it normal at first. I feel like listening to just the sound made me pay attention to all the those detailed sounds in the background that watching it normal I was looking out for what they were related to.

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