Storytelling from creators

Growing up I had always heard the people in my family of older generations talk about how they never had a T.V. that everything was through the radio whether it be the news or storytelling cartoons basically. I was amazed by how much they enjoyed it for never having the experience myself and only knowing entertainment shown on a television.

Listening to Ira Glasses Storytelling part one and part two I was able to get a better understanding of why people are drawn to the storytelling through radio. He first stated it is all about the anecdote, giving the story the momentum, making it in its purest form. That’s is the catch having this continued pace that grabs on to someone. Additionally, he stated that creating the story one should constantly be raising question and answering them and lastly, there should always be a moment of reflection.

Jad Abumrad points out that the reason radio storytelling is so intriguing is that it is almost empowered by what it lacks such as no visual image to see in front of us. Instead we have to create our own image, the storyteller creates an idea of a painting, but we are the ones holding the paint brush creating that painting.

I like how with storytelling you can create your characters, imagery, landscape, literally about anything to the story you’re told.

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