Final Summary

Cannot believe it is the end of the semester! I really had a great time in this class and branching out to discover and learn new things! I for sure have a new way of looking and creating media.

Here are the last few things of my final, where I created a story of finding the real life Spirit.

Below is the full story:

Lastly the items that made the story:

Overall in this class I learned to branch out of the box more when being creative. I additionally learned that there is an “App for that”!!!! Literally there is an app to create about anything everything!!!!! I think what I would do differently if I took this class over is really take the time to look at other examples of projects instead of “winging it” a majority of the time. The most exciting project honestly was creating the GIF and FIG. I have always wanted to but never took the time too, so it was fun and for sure will be creating them all the time now!!!

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