Summary of Week 1

Week 1 has been a journey! From resetting my domain to going on a photo safari I have had to learn and experience new ways of using media!

Starting with my introduction that consisted of introducing myself across all media platforms was fun! I struggled with having to create things solely based around me because I was so use to making things based on my classes. However, I believe I approached this assignment with all the best intentions and best knowledge of what I knew previously in creating media. What I would do differently is plan out in more depth what my goals and approaches with my domain would be. Then understand better how I want to introduce my self through the platforms based off my domain.

Daily creates for the first week were really quite fun! I enjoyed these sporadic ideas and they made me really think outside of the box!

Visual Assignments for week one I think were fun and I really enjoyed learning how to use new software such as the visual map and finding a new app to add to my phone (Aviary app) to play with in editing images!

Photo Safari: What a challenge but fun journey this assignment was! I truly enjoyed running around, especially at my job here in Texas, finding these perspectives and images to take.

Reflection on Becoming a better Photographer

My favorite image that I took applying the new skills I learned!

My overall thoughts of week one

A journey it was! All just new beginnings for me using some of these social media platforms. Though it was stressful, I really enjoyed the challenge! This week with the assignments I had a great time capturing some fun moments and creating new pieces of media. However, I think I could have done some of my assignments better but I do believe I did them to my best ability without having much knowledge/use of the media platform or software before. In this short week though, I believe I have grown more using all the different soft wares/platforms and learned as I have gone along.

I truly enjoyed doing the photo safari this week! Running around somewhere that is my second home and having a new perspective of its surroundings to capture the images needed was quite exciting! I was so caught up in getting the images that I wasn’t paying attention so much to the image I captured in the moment. After I took a moment to go through the images and see what I captured I fell in love with some thinking I will get some printed and framed to keep.

What gave me trouble the most was my domain and setting it up. I had to play around with it a lot, hitting things here and there curious if that did what I needed or not. It was a lot of trial and error but, I am happy with how it is organized for the moment. I am curious to see as I go on using my domain what else I discover in organizing it and its setup. The main question I have is for my domain set up, I have the categories for my posts but do these categories need to be separate subpages?

One other thing I had trouble with is using sound cloud. I have never used this software before and don’t have much knowledge of it but that is used for people to record their music to share. I am not musically gifted, though I do have some skill in playing the triangle, but was unsure/stuck on how I can express my self through sound cloud.

Overall, I think what I would have done differently is taken more time to learn about the media platforms I had not used before. I think if I would have taken more time to do this, I would have a better idea of expressing my assignments and media I create. Additionally, would be more confident in what I am making/posting as well!

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