Summary of Week 2

Week 2…a week that I discovered many more skills and concepts to apply to things to further my creating skills.

To start off week 2 I read about Vignelli to understand his skills and key concepts of design.

After reading about Vincent Vignelli I started my week off first creating a GIF and a FIG. I have never created a GIF before so this was all new for me. I had always wanted to learn but never spent the time learning how because I assumed it was difficult. Well was I wrong for sure! It was so simple and let me just say they truly have an app for that (aka anything)!!! The app I used called GIF maker on the iPhone made everything so easy and truly made it able for me complete this assignment correctly.

Following creating my GIFs, I started my Design Blitz. Doing this design blitz was really fun and I believe I completed this assignment to my best ability. I really enjoyed playing with the camera more and playing with different concepts.

For this week I was required to complete four daily creates! Each daily create very different from the other.

For the color changing Daily create I used the VSCO photo editing app to create this image.

My final assignment I completed this week was five different design assignments from the design bank. I really, I mean really, enjoyed creating these assignments this week. I was challenged more in really coming up with the ideas I was wanting to express through these designs. To get through this kind of block I was dealing with I would look up examples and get a collective idea of what I was wanting to initially create/design.

I first started with the “Are we there yet?” assignment and gave it a try. I was so stumped on where to even begin on how to create this assignment, I didn’t have Photoshop or no software that could remove backgrounds. Thus saying, I started this assignment off researching and looking through examples of others students from previous classes and came across an app called “Bazaart”. I followed a previous students step by step tutorial using the app and was amazed that an app that was free could allow one to create so much!

After playing with the app and finishing the first assignment, I then started my others from the design bank and realized that I could use Bazaart for a majority of them as well. Next thing you know I felt like I was creating about anything everything with the Bazaart App.

Compared to the previous week this week was not as challenging. Though I struggled most with designers block I was able to get through creatively and efficiently for the week. I think my creative juices are starting to get a good flow and I am figuring out how to find tools better to help me when I am stuck/challenged.

I think I have completed all assignments well and made them from my own perspective. I felt no block form outside sources, felt free to create whatever I wanted.

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