Summary of Week 3

Audio time! This week made me dive into waters of a media I had never messed with before. I was always intrigued by sounds in movies or even how silent movies were created but never thought I would be able to create such thing!

I first started my week off analyzing story telling from other creators and listening to audio stories…..

I enjoyed taking a glimpse into a media world I had never truly taken note for.

What I got from other students…..

After getting an idea of storytelling with audio or even how storytelling is emphasized more with sounds I created my own first audio story. It was super fun to create and I believe for my first time I did great editing the sounds to create my story!

I then created a ringtone which was kind of freeing and fun! Obviously, I am your typical horse girl!

Out of all the design assignments this one was my all time favorite! First of all love the movie Spirit but then getting the opportunity to create a scene from the movie was really neat! Creating this assignment I had to play back in my head the sounds that were in the background which just proved how much I love/have seen that movie since I could think of about all of it!

Finally my last assignment that I just threw together with my favorite sounds. Simple and to the point is how I could describe it.

Once again had to complete four daily creates….each one unique from the other.

This week forced me to step out of my comfort zone and learn something I had not before. It was fun though it was a challenge at first, however once I understood the tools better on Audacity I was smooth rollin!

As I said it was a challenge and I had a lot of set backs and mental blocks because I felt so lost at times….however, listening to examples and finding tutorials and manuals to better explain how to create anything audio I felt more at ease. I have always been one that just loves to dive right in but I also want to stay a float and not sink. I am grateful that I was challenged and the assignments for this week truly taught me how to work through a block.

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